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        貴陽海之力液壓有限公司 成立于2014年,國家高新技術企業,貴州省科技型種子企業。 海之力液壓定位于技術型、創新型公司,專注于機電液方向,響應前沿技術需求,關注特殊應用領域,堅持自主創新研發及其應用推廣。公司研發團隊工程經驗豐富,擅長液壓元件及機電液成套系統的創新研發。公司擁有多項發明專利,產品涉及領域有產業機械、機器人、市政設施、艦艇船舶、 深海探測等。 

        Guiyang HYC Hydraulic Co.,LTD, established in 2014, is a national high-tech company and was  awarded the title of science and technology seed enterprise in Guizhou Province. Positioned as a technology-oriented and innovative company, HYC Hydraulics focuses on the the field of electromechanical hydraulics,  caters to cutting-edge technological demands, pays attention to special applications, and insists on  independent innovation research and development. The company's R&D team possessing extensive  engineering experience, is skilled in innovative research of hydraulic components and electromechanical  hydraulic systems. The company has a number of invention patents, whose products were involved in the fields of industrial machinery, robots, municipal facilities, ships, deep-sea exploration,etc.

        ? 主營產品 Main Products

        ? 四象限微型高壓柱塞泵 Four-quadrant Micropump

        ? 電動靜液作動器(EHAElectro-Hydrostatic Actuator 

        ? 特殊用途液壓件 Hydraulic Component for Special Applications 

        ? 機電液集成設備 Electromechanical Hydraulic Integrated Equipment

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